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Financial Services

1. 360 degree Wealth Advisory Services / COMPLETE FINANCIAL PLAN

Cash Flow Management: Cash Flow Management refers to maintaining and enhancing personal cash flows through debt and lifestyle management. This is a very important aspect of the Financial Plan, ignored by most Planners. As a part of the plan, it is very important to chalk out a strategy to help the client to effectively manage his inflows and outflows. This helps the client inculcate financial discipline which will go a long way in successful implementation of the plan.

Investment Planning: Investment planning focuses on identifying effective investment strategies according to an investor’s risk appetite and financial goals. Investment planning begins after you have taken into account your current and expected income level and have laid down your financial goals. The goals can be capital growth or income growth. Every investment option represents a unique risk-return trade-off. Investment planning takes into account an investor’s risk appetite, which depends on his current income level, savings, lifestyle and responsibilities.

Retirement Planning: Retirement planning refers to the allocation of finances for retirement. The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence (steady portfolio income), so that the need to be gainfully employed is at the option of the individual rather than out of necessity. The process of retirement planning aims to assess readiness-to-retire given a desired retirement age and lifestyle, i.e. do you have sufficient money to retire; and to identify actions to improve the readiness-to-retire.

A Written Comprehensive Financial Strategy – updated annually

Quarterly Reviews with respect to your goals

Quarterly Goals Report

Opportunistic Calls based on state of the economy and markets

Implementation of all Investments - Cash, Debt, Equity and Gold

2. Financial Services

1. We have expertise in assessing funding needs for a project and providing the right solution.
2. We work with Banks, NBFCs, and PE Firms to provide funding for projects in Real Estate like Residential &   Commercial Projects, Malls, Office, Hospitality & Healthcare Projects, and Educational Institutes.
3. We are also experts in non real estate projects like Startups, Manufacturing companies etc.

Project Finance

Term Loans

Working Capital Loans

Acquisition Financing


Secured loans,

Un-secured Loans,

3.  Customised Wealth Management / Advisory Services

  1. Developing & Designing Financial strategies
  2. Providing financial management information
  3. Project counseling, project financing, portfolio planning, procurement and investment of capital and money and to carry on the business of merchant banker, agent, brokers, fund manager. 
  4. Financial Modeling
  5. Financial risks associated with making a particular investment decision
  6. Investment management
  7. Debt resolution – It is a consumer service that assists individuals that have too much debt to pay off as requested, but do not want to file bankruptcy and wish to pay off their debts owed. This debt can be accrued in various ways including but not limited to personal loans, credit cards or in some cases merchant accounts.
  8. Due Diligence

4. Risk Management and Insurance Planning:

Risk Management and Insurance Planning refer to managing cash flow risks through sound risk management and insurance techniques. Insurance is taken to protect the ones dependent on you in case of any adverse event. How much insurance an individual requires is a function of the individuals’ outstanding liabilities, lifestyle, number of dependents and the net worth of the individual. Under insurance is a huge risk and negates the impact of insurance already taken. Unfortunately, in India insurance is predominantly used as a tool to save taxes rather than to manage risks.

5. Tax Preparation:

We know that your busy schedule and limited time gives you little opportunity to deal with all of the integrated aspects of your finances. In addition, we understand the pressure that comes with filing your income tax returns on a timely basis and paying your income tax liability. As such, an integral part on Wealth Health’s one source convenience is our comprehensive income tax preparation and compliance.

As part of the comprehensive financial planning process, your Wealth Health advisory team analyzes your personal income tax situation and prepares annual projections designed to uncover tax savings opportunities and estimates of your annual tax liabilities. These projections serve not only as an analytical tool, but also as the primary reference for preparing your annual income taxes.

Our income tax preparation and income tax compliance service provides preparation of annual income tax projections, quarterly estimated income tax payments, federal and state income tax returns, and gift, estate, and trust tax returns. Please contact your Wealth Health advisor for more information regarding the preparation of your income tax returns.

6. Periodic Reviews: 

It doesn’t end with the Plan as every Plan requires Periodic Reviews, resulting from any changes in the circumstances of the Client or market related changes. Periodic Reviews come with all round the year consultations, where in you can seek advice all round the year on any matters related to investments, insurance , taxes, surplus investments, etc. with your Financial Advisor.

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